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The Rose Ceremony

The couple exchange a single red rose as a symbol of their love and commitment on their special day.

Wine Ceremony

A favourite with couples, this ritual involves the best friend pouring a goblet of wine and handing it to the couple.

Shell Ceremony

The shell ceremony is part of the Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony. The celebrant soaks the couple's hands in water and wish them good luck. The water is held in a conch shell container . Then, the parents and other selected people such as close friends and close relatives will do the same.

Sand Ceremony

During the sand ceremony, different coloured sands are blended together. The couple each take a small a jar of sand of a different colour and bit by bit pour them into a third container swirling the sands together bit by bit.

Crystal Ceremony

Crystal Vibrations - each person in the ceremony can use the dedicated crystal to balance and aligning their body's energy and a couple can use them to align with each others energy.

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Many of these symbols and rituals have their roots in ancient traditions and customs.

Dove Release

Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death. The white dove has been used throughout history as a symbol of Love, Peace, Faithfulness and Prosperity. Doves released at the ceremony represent the love and commitment the couple has given to one another this day. From this day forward whenever you see a white dove, may you be reminded of this moment.

Most couples choose to include in their ceremony a very special moment to share with their guests, making their ceremony truly unique and memorable. Here are a selection of the many you can use. You can use more than one and it is possible to combine
them.For more detail on these ceremonies please select the ceremony from the drop down menu above or below or from these links.


Often the ritual of 'Handfasting' is performed, whereby the couple's hands are bound by a natural woven thread, fibre or cloth, and just before the 'Giving of Rings' the binding is slipped off with the knot still intact, signifying the fact they will always be 'bound together in marriage'. (Many couples who have a civil ceremony today, just incorporate Handfasting into their ceremony without any of the other traditions.)

Marilyn Verschuure Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Celebrant Gold Coast Brisbane Byron Bay Queensland Northern NSWTestimonial Penny & Angela
Marilyn, Thank you so much for making our commitment ceremony so memorable and filled with love, not only for us but for our 100+ guests. Your passion and belief for our future together was projected through every word.
Your delivery and sound quality was perfect and hard to achieve on the beach, so well done! You were very warm and composed that we relaxed the instant you started speaking. Your continuous support and ideas throughout the planning process was priceless. You made us feel very comfortable and helped us combine traditional vows and practices with the Celtic tradition of hand fasting. You also incorporated our fathers with a ring blessing rather than the traditional giving away. Everyone who attended said they had never been to a ceremony like it and enjoyed every minute of it. We are two very happy brides and will recommend you to anyone we know who wants to get married. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the start of our lives together unforgettable.
Love Penny and Angela

Rainbow Pride Celebrant Marilyn Verschuure conducted Jude & Barb's Handfasting Commitment on Bribie Island's legendary Pumicstone Passage Beach

Four Elements

Ceremonies may encompass the love and respect of nature - the four elements which includes Mother Earth who brings all things good. These ceremonies pay respect to these individual elements and each element represents North: Fire, South: Air, East: Water or West: Earth.

Candle Ceremony

The candle lighting ceremony symbolizes the joining of two people and two families. The mothers of the couple light a candle, which symbolizes the family of each, and the individuality of the bride and bride or groom and groom.

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