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Rainbow Pride Celebrant Same Sex Wedding Celebrant Gay & Lesbian Marriage Celebrant
Have Fun & Enjoy A Legendary, Upbeat, Romantic, Relaxed, Awesome, Modern, Fresh, Fabulous Intimate & Unique Wedding. Mega Experienced Full Time Professional Marriage Celebrant Wedding Celebrant LGBTQI Marriage Celebrant Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Mt Tamborine, Brisbane, Byron Bay & Northern NSW

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Marry Me MarilynExtensive Online Wedding Resource Pack
You receive your own Login User-name and Password to access my fabulous resources. Each section of the ceremony has hundreds of examples that you can choose from no one has ever worked their way right through my resources :-)

Marry Me MarilynInitial relaxed obligation-free meeting with tea, coffee & biscuits provided at my home, or by phone or Skype Online Video Conferencing at a mutually convenient time. We get to know each other and I find out exactly what your vision is for your special day and I can suggest some fabulous ideas to create the perfect ceremony!

Marry Me MarilynMarriage Certificate you receive on the day or Commemorative Civil Partnership Certificate or Commitment Certificate printed with laser calligraphy presented on your special day.

My travel to and from the venue under 50 kms each way from my home office in Coombabah.

Pre-ceremony activities on the day (including arriving at least 20 minutes before the ceremony, checking that the ceremony area is set up appropriately etc)

Provision of the Latest High Quality Wireless Public Address System with ear microphone and a hand held wireless microphone for the couple and microphone stand for the couple & friends if required.

Marry Me Marilyn Ceremony Music using an IPOD MP3 Player or IPHONE Andoid Device Ability to play your own music for the wedding ceremony through my Public Address System if required through a range of different media devices supplied by the couple containing their music, if the venue does not supply a sound system. The music is controlled by a wedding co-ordinator, family member or friend of the couple.

Free Tips & Tricks Brochure - invaluable information to help you organise and plan your Special Day.

Marry Me MarilynSwarovski Crystal & Anthracite, Swarovski Crystal & White Pearl, Gold Swarovski Crystal Pen or White Feather Pen provided for the couple and their witnesses to sign the certificates.

Marry Me MarilynPink & Purple Diamond Paper Weights & Horseshoe Lanterns essential for windy wedding days.

Marry Me MarilynUse of Large Bailer or Conch Sea Shell for my original Shell Ceremonies ideal for Beach Weddings

Marry Me MarilynUse of Beautiful Large New Zealand Paua Shell or White Ring Cushion ideal for holding the rings.

Marry Me Marilyn Use of Small Lanterns for Candle Ceremonies or for family members or friends who have passed.

Lodging all legal documents and other paperwork and administrative tasks meeting all legal requirements (for Weddings & Civil Partnerships). You know you can rely on a very experienced professional full time celebrant with a background in business to ensure this important process is performed accurately and efficiently.

Stress Management Strategies and Techniques Helps you to manage your stress leading up to and on the wedding day & harness your nervous energy.

Marry Me MarilynBooking in your Wedding Ceremony date & time is simple just pay a non-refundable lodgment fee.

Marry Me MarilynA Lifetime of Experience
I have a lifetime of experience in public speaking, creative writing, dramatic performance and direction, event management, communication, tourism & training. My work and life experiences have given me a raft of skills and knowledge. I have unbounded enthusiasm, a bubbly personality and emotional intelligence and I am guided strongly by my intuition. I have travelled the world for work and pleasure and bring those amazing experiences to you in unique and special sub ceremonies. I also specialise in spiritual, conscious sacred weddings (not religious). My background, life experience, personality, creativity and extensive experience as a full time marriage celebrant has provided me with the drive, passion and skills to create amazing ceremonies for you!

Please ask for a quote on these Extra Services below NOT included in my Wedding Ceremony fee.

Marry Me MarilynLetters to Immigration and other services required for Weddings requiring a Spousal Visa.

Marry Me MarilynInner City Parking Fees, Parking Fees where paid parking is required for easy access with equipment to the Wedding Venue or Location, Ferries, Entrance Fees & travel over 50 kms from Coombabah.

Marry Me MarilynCreation of Beautiful Vow Booklet/s for the couple to read their vows to each other together with a Presentation Wedding Ceremony Booklet and poem on parchment.

Marry Me Marilyn Wedding Celebrant with the WOW FactorPlease phone me on 0413 344 134 or use my Contact Form If you email me please include your phone number to make sure I can contact you as emails replies to a hotmail are going to junk mail.

Marry Me MarilynThe Perfect Wedding Ceremony with No Stress! Beautiful, Original, Romantic, Fun, Fresh, Modern, Personal, Powerful Weddings with the WOW FACTOR.
I will write an original couture wedding ceremony unique to your special personalities, style and beliefs. You can have as much input as you like co-creating it with me. It is fun and easy using my wedding resource pack and using my extensive Online resources!

Marry Me Marilyn Verschuure Wedding CelebrantA Lifetime of Skills & Years of Invaluable Experience as a full time Wedding Celebrant for over 12 years & Civil Partnership Notary 4 years performing more than 900 personalised ceremonies with over 450+ testimonials/Love Letters.

Marry Me Marilyn Verschuure Wedding CelebrantConduction of your Wedding Ceremony with Love, Energy, Enthusiasm, Vibrancy, Presence and Passion.
I have exceptional public speaking skills and a lifetime of experience speaking professionally. My mission is to deliver your perfect ceremony. I have an acting & directing background so I deliver your Love Story with heart in the most engaging, entertaining & dynamic way like no other celebrant. If I only had a camera recording the reactions of your family and friends during the wedding ceremony as I hear laughter and see tears and hearts melting. Afterwards so many of the guests come up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how it is the best ceremony they have ever been to. This is because I stage you to feel connected to each other and to your friends and family so everyone including me, feels the intimate connection, the whole roller coaster of emotions the romance, the fun, the laughter and loving energy not to mention a few tears in your story.

Marry Me MarilynYour Special Love Story
One of the very special services I offer is to write your Love Story as your Introduction. It helps me get to know you also as a couple and gives me an insight into your relationship so I can help you make choices for your ceremony that are really YOU! If you give me oodles of fun material, I can weave it into your ceremony in other places such as the Declaration and sub-ceremonies like the rose exchange or wine ceremony to again make them totally unique and special. When you include your love story no one can ever have a ceremony like yours, it will be unique and highlight your personalities and your sense of humour. The Love Story will delight you both and your guests who often don't know the story of how you got together or the special things you love about each other or the special qualities you bring out in one another. If you have children this is another part of the ceremony where they can feature as they are often a creation of this love story or a joining of families!

Marry Me MarilynHow To Write Your Beautiful Love Story
I provide a special Online booklet to help you compose your love story with heaps of examples of love stories to guide you and teasing questions to prompt you.

How To Write Awesome Personal Vows
I provide a special Online booklet to help you personalise your vows together with hundreds of examples Online.

Marry Me MarilynPersonally Designed Asking the "I Do's"
Funny, Romantic, Spiritual or Combination Askings. The Asking is the part where you say "I do". I have so many different styles to choose from in my Online resources.

Marry Me MarilynCreation of Original Rituals or Sub Ceremonies tailored to your interests, personalities, cultural heritage and beliefs. If you have seen anything in the world that you relate to I can write a sub-ceremony around it for you or if you have any specific cultural heritage or spiritual beliefs I can include a sub-ceremony either the traditional version or a fusion style sub-ceremony incorporating two or more national backgrounds, traditions, religions or belief systems.

Marry Me MarilynHundreds of Beautiful Sub-Ceremonies & Rituals
I have many versions of each ceremony tailored to your specific needs including Unity Sand Ceremonies, Wooden Wedding Box Ceremonies, Shell Ceremonies Thai & Celtic, Combined Shell & Sand Ceremonies, Fresh Water & Salt Water Ceremonies, Vast Range of Handfasting - Celtic Handfastings, Scottish Handfastings, One Cord Handfastings to Thirteen Cord Handfastings, 7 Chakra Handfastings, Four Element Ceremony, Seasons Of Love Ceremony and Handfasting, Rose Exchanges, Unity Candle Lighting Ceremonies, Wine Ceremonies and Toasts, Butterfly Ceremonies, Family Ceremonies, Norse Presentation of Sword Ceremonies, Dove Releases, Blessing of the Hands Ceremony, Garland Ceremonies, Angel Handfastings and Angel Crystal Ceremonies, Japanese & Korean Fusion Ceremonies, Greek Wedding Crown Ceremonies with Ring Ceremony, Latvian 7 Day Handfasting & Ring Ceremony, American Indian Ceremonies, Aboriginal Ceremonies, Maori Ceremonies, Ying & Yang Ceremonies & Buddhist Ceremonies, Hindu Ceremonies, Scottish Ceremonies, Ring Blessings and Ring Warmings, Honouring the Parents or Mothers Ceremonies, Horseshoe Ceremonies, Honouring Love Ones who have passed plus more. Please note: All Hardware items such as sand ceremony sets & coloured sands, candles, handfasting cords etc & Liveware items such as butterflies, doves are supplied by the couple.

Unlimited Contact Time with me to develop your ceremony in person at my home, email, Skype Online Video Conferencing and by phone (at times suitable to both of us) to create the best ceremony possible.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal if required at my homeoffice scheduled from Monday to Thursday at a mutually convenient time between 9 am - 5 pm or by special arrangement closer to the date.

Marilyn Rainbow Pride Celebrant Call Marilyn Rainbow Pride Celebrant on
0413 344 134 for information and to see if I have availability on your special day. I offer free an obligation-free meeting at my home or by Skype or Phone to discuss your vision for your perfect day. You can also email me or use the Contact Me page.

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