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Marry Me Marilyn Rainbow Pride Celebrant Winner Bride's Choice Awards 2019

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Baby Namings with Butterfly & Balloon Release, 7 Angels, Ribbon, Tree Planting &
Seven Chakra & Four Elements Ceremonies

Marry Me Marilyn Baby Naming CelebrantTestimonial Kym & Matthew Low for Keaorah Jean Low's Naming Ceremony Tanah Merah Logan
The first moment we met Marilyn we felt she was the celebrant for Keaorah's Naming Ceremony. We found her so friendly and approachable and she gave us plenty of ideas to think about. We came away full of enthusiasm and with a basic plan for the day. We decided on a service which would include the four main elements (fire, wind, water & earth) and to make it more personal we would have family members present the different elements to Keaorah. Marilyn was always easy to contact & prompt to replying to any of our changes/inclusions that we had made. The big day was here & Marilyn arrived with plenty of time to help with our last minute preparations & to familiarise herself with Keaorah's families. She had made a special effort to get to know Keaorah's large families which shone through in her very intimate ceremony. When Marilyn started the ceremony we all felt she was part of our family & it allowed extra family members to feel comfortable enough to contribute to Keaorah's day. Keaorah's Great Grandmother read her a poem, her Great Aunt welcomed her, her Great Uncle sang her a song in Maori & all godparents blessed her for the future. We finished Keaorah's Naming Ceremony by having her cousins release butterflies to wish her a beautiful life and welcome her as Keaorah Jean Low. Everyone was so touched by Marilyn's ceremony there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Afterwards everyone knew that when we have our next ceremony we will definitely be giving Marilyn a call & we all recommend her to anyone looking for a celebrant. It's now nearly 6 months on & we still have people talking about how it was such a beautiful, suited ceremony. Our day wouldn't have been so relaxed if it wasn't for Marilyn's meticulous planning, devotion & professionalism. I just want to thank Marilyn so very much for giving us such an unforgettable Naming Ceremony for Keaorah Jean Low.

Marry Me MarilynMarilyn used Neroli an Orange Blossom Essential Oil at the Naming of Keaorah & they had a Butterfly Release.

Marry Me MarilynWe found Marilyn’s ideas for the naming ceremony ideal. She was completely open to any ideas and changes we had and helped to shape our thoughts to create the perfect ceremony.   She was open, honest, easy to talk to and mixed well with all of our family.  She added all those little extra touches that take it from just another ceremony to something memorable for us and our family. Thanks again for everything Marilyn.  Julie, Barry, Cody, Jess and especially Little Eli.
Testimonial - Julie & Barry North Brisbane

Marry Me MarilynTestimonial - Louise, Graham & Alexander Benowa Gold Coast
Alexander's Naming Ceremony was beautiful, we all enjoyed it so much and everyone present commented how lovely it was! We especially loved how you integrated the Brasilian, Australian and Scottish cultures. It was such an emotional experience when Alexander's Grandparents planted the rainforest cherry tree from Brasil. We will certainly be asking you to do the naming ceremony for us when we have our next baby. Thank you so much!

Rainbow Pride CelebrantA special part for your naming day ceremony can be for some or all of the guests to speak aloud and dedicate a special flower or crystal representing best wishes or special attributes they bestow on the child to assist them along their journey following special path through life.

Marry Me MarilynI want to thank you for the professional way you conducted the Naming Day Ceremony for my granddaughter Tia Jayne Austin.  You worked closely with her parents in preparing the ceremony so it reflected their true feelings and wishes.  It was a very happy and emotional day for all of us. Sincerely,
Gloria Austin - Testimonial Daisy Hill

Marry Me MarilynApart from the traditional bracelet or piece of jewelry, you may wish to bestow on your child something which has been handed down in the family from one generation to the next or something which symbolises your family heritage.

Rainbow Pride CelebrantAt Eli's Naming Ceremony Billy and Sharon ask the Life Guides for their individual commitment to Eli.

Marry Me MarilynSharon and Bill asked for Marilyn to design a Four Element Ceremony for Baby Eli's Naming Ceremony. The ceremony involved all of Eli's six Life Guides.

Marry Me MarilynEli James had an Environmentally Friendly Balloon Release at his Naming Ceremony that took everyone's wishes and blessings to the Universe for him.

Rainbow Pride CelebrantMarilyn talks about the shared responsibilities for Eli of everyone in his life.

Marry Me Marilyn Baby Naming CelebrantLove Letter from Natasha & Peter for Maddison's Naming Ceremony at Benowa Gold Coast
Hi Marilyn, Thank you again for making Maddison's naming day symbolic and special.  We had a really lovely day. Will be getting in touch if we need a celebrant again! Natasha

Rainbow Pride CelebrantFor the naming day ceremony, I will invite consider your vision for your child, your wishes perhaps that the child carves his or her own life path. I will also incorporate the meaning and significance of their name in a creative way. Together with the godparents input you can also decide what role the godparents/mentors will play in the ceremony and what support you want them to provide for your child as they mature.

Rainbow Pride CelebrantBaby Elijah Aneurin had a Time Capsule incorporated into his Namegiving Ceremony where friends and family put in memorabilia and special messages for Elijah on his Naming Day.

Tia Jayne had a Butterfly Release at the culmination of her Namgiving Ceremony. Testimonial Tina & Stephen for Baby William at Upper Coomera on the Northern Gold Coast
Hello Marilyn, We were so happy with the ceremony you performed. I have some great pictures of the wonderful Memory Box Time Capsule ceremony you did for William. We had such a good day, thank-you so much again! We really loved the way you included our older daughter Antoinette into the ceremony and made her feel special and such an important big sister. Thank-you so much again, we were so very happy with everything. Love Tina and Stephen.

Baby Namings with Sand, Candle or Shell Ceremonies, Time Capsule, Treasure Chest & Memory Box, Fairy & Neroli Oil Blessing

Rainbowpride CelebrantA Naming Ceremony is joyous way to celebrate your child's birth and welcome the baby into the family. Although a baby naming is not religious, you can still appoint godparents. For those who prefer another term, guardians, mentors, guideparents or supporting adults are appointed for the baby or child. Another term you may consider if you have a connection with mother earth is "earth-mother parents" or even Fairy Godmother.

Marry Me Marilyn Baby Naming CelebrantLove Letter from Carlie & Lloyd for Zaide's Naming Ceremony Tanah Merah Logan
Marilyn what can I say you are just amazing. We met you for the first time at our god daughters naming day held at our place in 2010 and after seeing how well her Four Elements naming ceremony went along with her butterfly release, I knew that when we had our little bub arrive into this world you were our first choice of celebrant to hold our child's naming ceremony. A year and a half later I got to meet you again but this time to organise a ceremony for our son Zaide. We just loved your creativity and all the different styles of ceremonies you had to choose from. We went with the 7 Angles Ceremony which you wrote especially for us and I can tell you it was spot on. After the ceremony everyone came up to me and could not stop saying how different it was and how they loved it. We also had healing crystals which each represented the charkras in the body along with Zaide's crystals for his starsign. Zaide added a personal touch to all the certificates with a thumb print. At the very end of the ceremony we did a balloon release for each of the guests that attended so everyone could make one wish for Zaide on his journey through life. We also had the family stand and sing a traditional maori song, Aunties and Uncles read out a poem for Zaide too. Oh and not to mention a list of emails from family members who are interstate and overseas sending their best wishes for Zaide. I thank you majorly for putting up with all my emails, changing things around every second day, well that's what it felt like. You were very prompt with returning calls and emails which is always a big bonus. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone of our family and friends if they ever need a celebrant. We cant thank you enough for how special you made this day for us it is definitely never going to be forgotten. Love Always Carlie, Lloyd & Zaide!

Marry Me MarilynFrom the day we first met Marilyn she was very warm and extremely helpful.  She went above and beyond to create a personal and intimate ceremony for my daughter's naming day.  She listened to our ideas and used those to draft a beautiful and magical reading that we will hold in our hearts for a long time. On the day she was friendly and outgoing to all our family and friends.  Marilyn spoke really well throughout the reading and there were many positive feedbacks from my family.  We will use Marilyn in the future! and recommend others too!
Testimonial - Anastasia Kollis Logan

Marry Me MarilynTestimonial - Sharon & William Eli North Brisbane
Despite the rain on our day (which we believe someone above sent), Marilyn made the day perfect for my little boy Eli. Both sides of the families found it to be original especially with the calling of the four elements.  Marilyn gave us all the information and guidance we needed to write our own ideas and feelings and we co-created a naming ceremony that was unique and special. The Naming Ceremony really reflected who we are as a family and celebrated Eli’s unique personality and our hopes, dreams, aspirations and love for him. Marilyn was relaxed and easy to talk to, and was open to all our ideas, normal or strange. She was keen on making sure that this was Eli’s day, and we would like to personally thank her. And if in the near future, when I have more children, I will definitely be choosing her as my naming day celebrant again.And once again thank you so very, very, very, very, very, very much! Sharon, William and our Little Eli.
Testimonial - Sharon & William

Marry Me MarilynMarilyn blesses Eli James with Neroli Oil at his Naming Ceremony in North Brisbane. Bill holds Eli with proud mother Sharon looking on.

Naming Day Ceremonies can be any format you choose they are only limited by our combined imaginations. The ceremony format most often used usually consist of...

  • Welcome to family and friends and acknowlegdement of important people who are unable to attend.

  • Special personalised Introduction reflecting you the parents your love, hopes and dreams for your baby and your family and what you love & admire about each other.

  • Appointment of Godparents, Mentors Guardians, Life Guides or Fairy Godparents

  • Candle Ceremony or Sand Ceremony or Other

  • The Naming and Blessing

  • Conclusion - a reading may follow or a song and at completion of the ceremony

  • Presentation of the Baby/Child and signing of Certificates by Godparents/Guide Parents/Mento

The naming day ceremony may be accompanied by different rituals to commemorate the life of the child such as the lighting of candles or

  • Anointing with Essential Oils

  • Sprinkling with Rose Water or

  • Sprinkling with Rose Petals

  • Fairy Dust Blessing

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Dedication of a Crystal

  • Planting of Trees

  • Sealing a Time Capsule

  • Contributing to a Memento Box, or

  • Biodegradable Balloon Release

  • Shell Ceremony

  • 7 Angel's Ceremony

  • Container of Wishes

  • Passing on of Heirloom

  • Significance of Child's Name

  • Star Sign

  • Memory Signature Bear

  • Historical significance of the Baby's Date of Birth

  • Four Element Ceremony

  • 7 Chakras Ceremony

  • Godparent Ribbon Ceremony

  • Butterfly Release

  • Treasure Chest

Marry Me MarilynMarilyn stands with Sharon and Bill the proud parents and baby Eli. The Life Guides stand ready to pledge themselves to Eli and participate in the Four Element Ceremony and the Balloon Release as Marilyn welcomes family and friends to the Naming Ceremony of Eli James at his parents home in North Brisbane.

Marry Me MarilynYou can combine a Naming Ceremony with a Wedding or Commitment or other ceremony such as Anniversary or Coming of Age Ceremony.

Naming Celebrant Marry Me Marilyn Photo Courtesy of Simone Davis Photography

Marry Me Marilyn Baby Naming CelebrantMarilyn designed a special Sand Ceremony for Kylie & Kristian which started in Tiana's Baby Naming Ceremony and was completed at the end of their Wedding Ceremony.
Marry Me Marilyn Baby Naming CelebrantTestimonial Kylie & Kristian had their Wedding Ceremony & Baby Naming for baby Tiana at Eagle Heights Mountain Resort Mt Tamborine 
From the very first time I spoke to Marilyn on the phone I knew she would be perfect for our special day. Ours was a little different as it was for our daughters Naming Day and we did a surprise wedding at the end of that. Marilyn was extremely helpful in making our day so special and individual, as I have a little one to look after I asked Marilyn if she could write the ceremonies for us and then I just changed whatever I needed and together we made it a beautiful day to make our family complete. Marilyn was always open to my suggestions and offered advice if I ever asked anything. Marilyn was always friendly and approachable, and willing to help in any way she could.  We had so many comments from guests on how beautiful our ceremonies were and that it was the best wedding they had ever been too. I would proudly recommend Marilyn to anyone and we will definitely use her for our next baby’s Naming Ceremony.  Thank you so much Marilyn you are a gift from above and we are so lucky that we had you a part of our very special day” Kylie & Kristian xoxo

Marry Me MarilynIt is a time to celebrate the present moment and rejoice in the arrival of a new addition to your family. From the time of conception or knowledge of adoption you have envisioned the personality and future development of your child. Godparents/guide parents/mentors may contribute to the physical, mental emotional and spiritual growth of your child. Those appointed to this role are integrated into the ceremony in a beautiful and meaningful way. Your ceremony can also celebrate your child's arrival with special sub ceremonies of your choice.

Essential Oils In Naming Ceremonies

I can incorporate stunning essential oils and rituals into your ceremony to make it special. I can also combine the shell ceremony with the anointing of oils to make it a stunning ceremony!

If you do baby massage and you use these oils again on your baby the aromas will bring back all the wonderful memories and emotions you felt on your baby's naming day! You could repeat the ritual on the child's first birthday and read some of the poems or recreate the ceremony or parts of the ceremony to make a special feature on the first anniversary of their birth. I would be happy to assist you with this First Birthday Anniversary Celebration at a very reasonable cost

Adult Naming Day

Rainbow Pride CelebrantAdults may wish to have a civil celebrant create a ceremony with rituals that are meaningful for the person to mark their change of name.